It’s Your Mind, Protect It

Jewelry that enhances the Mind by My Elixir Jewelry Co

I’m sure you’ve all heard the expression “if you don’t use it, you lose it” as it applies to the mind.  Too much hypnotic television (news stations, you know who you are) can actually make you dumber.  I’ve caught myself glued on several occasions to the TV watching an approaching hurricane, thousands of miles away.  Binge television watching is now a new trend.  People sit for ridiculous amounts of hours watching entire seasons of shows in one sitting.  I am actually guilty of this on occasion.  I did it with “Suits”, and “House of Cards”.  My friend confessed to me that Netflix has ruined her life.  She stays up all night, goes to work bleary eyed, rushes back home, and the binge begins.

This combination of stones is designed to sharpen the mind, improve memory and mental clarity.  Hopefully, it will help you take an interest in something that will stimulate those brain cells.

HOWLITE – Soothes the mind and strengthens memory cells.

FLUORITE – Helps the brain absorb information faster and better.

LABRADORITE – Calms the overactive mind, enhances mental and intuitive abilities.

CRLESTITE – Brings mental calm and clarity.

DUMORTIERITE – Stimulates the brain and assists with all mental skills.

PINK KUNZITE – Calms nervousness during exams, interviews or times when you cannot show irritation.

KYANITE – Calms the mind.

Mind enhancing jewelry by My Elixir Jewelry CoWe call this bracelet The Mind.  It is designed to keep you in the present moment. Being awake and present is key to advancing both physically and spiritually.