Natural Gemstones, Not Just Rocks!

Hi.  Welcome to our website where we will delve into the mysterious world of natural crystals and gemstones.  We have made the assumption in this site that the visitor has some experience with the concept that crystals have energetic properties and vibrate at various frequencies.  This frequency, whether it is healing, love, courage, calmness or whatever, is tuned into much like a radio signal by the person holding the stone, or the environment it is placed in.  We all have experiences with energy and vibrations daily.  Have you ever walked into a room, immediately felt uncomfortable and found out later that people had just had an argument?  Or simply knowing that a close friend is sad without words being exchanged.  These are vibrations.

A funny thing about vibrations is that they are contagious and one seemly innocuous incident can affect many people.  For example, say you are at a long check out line and feeling frustrated, its finally your turn, and you snap at the cashier, who then picks up your anger.  On her way home she is rude to the bus driver, when she gets home she is irritated with her teenage son, and then picks a fight with her husband.  Now look at all the people that picked up your original vibration.  If you follow the paths of the cashier, bus driver, son, husband and all their subsequent contacts, you can see the spider web of low vibration that can be weaved.

Here comes the interesting part.  All those whose vibration lowered as a result of your irritation at the cashier were only affected because something in them, a vibration in them, matched the vibration you put out.  The emotion resonated with them and that is why they were affected.  Think of it as the emotion train. This train is the irritation train, and anyone that has a ticket or has some irritation vibration, gets on board the train.  Talk about butterfly effect!

Getting back to crystals.  A particular frequency that a crystal has is picked up by the person holding it only if that person is holding a ticket to that train or has that same frequency.  The person will know immediately because he will resonate with the stone.  Also, a simple muscle test can determine this.

Lets use the example above and say that while you were in line at the check out and realized you were getting irritated, you reached into your pocket and held the Aventurine rock that happened to be there.  Aventurine is known for it’s calming energy, and you consciously decided to use the ticket to the calm train instead of the irritation train.  You smiled at the checkout lady, made a funny joke, uplifted her vibration and when she got on the bus, she said something nice to the driver, hugged her son, and had a cozy night with hubby.  I’m not saying that a simple rock made all this happen, however, just by being aware of the rock, you became present, and on a sub-conscious level or perhaps a conscious one,  made the decision to calm down.  Could you have done this without the Aventurine?  Sure you could! But, the stone carried the vibration that you needed at just the right time to help you navigate the situation.

I have been studying and working with crystals for several years now.  I once bought a Hematite ring for my son as a little stocking stuffer, and was told by the sales person to be careful because Hematite picks up excessive negative energy and the ring could break.  I totally rolled my eyes at that one!  A few months later, we were having a family argument and it got a little heated.  You know, teenage son stuff.  Suddenly, my son’s ring burst into tiny pieces!  A few years later, I was at a friend’s house looking at her collection of Lemurian Seed Crystals.  She was telling me about the crystals when the one I was holding buzzed in my hand, thinking it was imagination, I put it down and picked it up again later.  Buzz again, and when I told my friend, she just nodded, and of course I bought the rock from her.  This started my adventure into the world of crystals and gemstones, which has progressed into a fulfilling handmade jewelry business.

In this blog, I will talk about the various crystals whose properties I combine to make jewelry with a purpose.  We will discuss the various combinations of stones used to attract love, improve self-confidence, enhance intuition, attract wealth, alleviate depression and so many more.

I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I did.