Healthy Living, Something To Strive For

Jewelry that helps your health

Low Carb, No Carb, Low Glycemic, Fasting, Low Fat, High Fat …. we are bombarded with opinions of what is best for optimum health.  For every opinion you find out there, you will find another one that says the opposite.  To jog or not to jog, these are all valid questions when choosing a healthy lifestyle.  Occasionally on my Facebook Feed there’s an article saying to stop doing something because I’ve been doing it all wrong.  The last time it was stop brushing my teeth, apparently, I’m now supposed to be “oil pulling”.

Here’s what I know as it applies to myself.  If I eat a lot, I gain weight.  If I am stressed, I gain weight.  If I don’t move, I gain weight.  Sometimes, just thinking about it, makes me gain weight.  I would love a magic formula to make me healthy.  On that note, I combined these stones to help me with this.  Each stone carries a unique vibration that enhances your pure intention of maintaining a healthy body.

White Magnesite speeds up metabolism.WHITE MAGNESITE – Helps with weight control by speeding up fat metabolism.




Iolite helps detoxify body.IOLITE – Supports detoxification and reduces fatty deposits in the body.




Red Tiger Eye suppresses apatite.RED TIGER EYE – Suppresses appetite and speeds up a slow metabolism.





Kyanite releases excess weight.KYANITE – Releases excess weight.






Angelite releases excess water weight.ANGELITE – Helps release excess water from the body.




Sodalite balances the metabolism.SODALITE –  Balances the metabolism.




Healthy Living Jewelry by My Elixir CoThis is our Healthy Living bracelet.  It is designed to help you stay healthy.  When you are about to reach for that piece of cake, give it a little snap on your wrist and eat only half.