Dreams, A Roadmap to Your Life

Dream enhancing bracelet

Our higher self communicates with us nightly through symbols in our dreams.  The dreams pass through a filer in our sub-conscious which is programmed by our beliefs.  Our sub-conscious is designed to “protect” these beliefs, and therefore, the sensor will jumble or disorganize the dream.  The combination of stones act like a demolition crew and have been chosen to help clear dream communication from the higher self so that one can benefit from its wisdom.

Prehnite helps with nightmares.PREHNITE – This stone alleviates nightmares.





Amethyst for dream recallAMETHYST – Helps you remember and understand your dreams.



Chalcedony dissolves bad dreamsBLUE CHALCEDONY – Helps dissipate bad dreams.




Jade brings insightful dreams.  JADE – Attracts insightful dreams.


Malachite stimulates dreams.MALACHITE – Stimulates dreaming.

LALapis Lazuli enhances dreamingPIS LAZULI – Enhances dream work.




Kyanite helps remember dreamsKYANITE – Promotes healing dreams and helps dream recall.



Dream Work Bracelet from My Elixir Jewelry CoDream Work is a bracelet that has been very helpful to our clients.  Originally designed with nightmares in mind, it is also effective in promoting the dreaming of loved ones who have crossed over.