Calm, Peace and Joy, Something We All Strive For

Calm, Peace & Joy by My Elixir Jewelry Co

In this fast paced society we live in it is easy to forget about how important it is to take the time to breath.  Taking conscious breaths calms the body, and also brings you aware of the present moment.  This takes you out of your head, and focuses your attention on your body.  While you are breathing, pay attention to your body, notice what parts you are more drawn to.  Focus on that part of the body and recognize the energy there, explore it, ask yourself “what’s this all about”.  You will feel it release.  Bless it and let it go.  Continue this until you no longer have these “spots” of energy.  Until you are calm all over.  This combination of gemstones assist you in finding your calm, peaceful place.  When you do find it, you will experience true joy.

HEMATITE – Dissolves negativity and restores peace and harmony to the body.

GROSSULAR GARNET – Helps with depression by cleansing the heart chakra which brings in a new zest for life.

GREEN OPAL – Cleanses, rejuvenates and promotes emotional recovery bringing inner peace.

MOSS AGATE – Helps balance both sides of the brain which can lift depression and encourage hope.

AVENTURINE – Helps calm anger and see alternatives presented by other people.

Calming jewelry by My Elixir Jewelry CoThe colors of this Calm, Peace and Joy bracelet remind me of the forest.  One of my favorite places.  Just feeling the stones in this combination can bring a sense of calmness and tranquility.





Electromagnetic Energy or Electrosmog, Are You Protected?

Electromagnetic pollution protection jewelry

Even though it’s invisible, you know it’s there.  Electromagnetic pollution.  It comes from cell phones, computers, hydro lines, phone towers, microwave ovens, televisions, satellite dishes on the roof of your home, and pretty much anything that is plugged in or has a battery.  Since we are made of energy as well, these negative, harmful frequencies enter our bodies and reek havoc to our electrical system.  Headaches, fuzzy head, confusion, unexplained pains, nausea are some of the symptoms, and let’s not forget the ever increasing cases of cancer.

This combination of gemstones have been chosen to protect us from the harmful waves emitted by our electronics.

AMETHEST – Blocks negative environmental energy.

AVENTURINE – Absorbs electromagnetic smog.

LEOPARD SKIN JASPER – Clears electromagnetic and environmental pollution including radiation.

SMOKY QUARTZ – Absorbs electromagnetic smog.

CLEAR QUARTZ – Protects against radiation and dispels static electricity.

BLACK TOURMALINE – Protects against electromagnetic smog and radiation.

MALACHITE – Guards against radiation and clears electromagnetic pollution.

Protection Jewelry by My Elixir Jewelry Co.This is our Electrosmog Bracelet.  It sure isn’t something we had to think about 100 years ago.