Amber Gemstone

Composition of amber

Amber is more than often seen as a gem. But the glowing and warm amber is really not a stone. It is a resin that results from evergreen trees that are very old. The oldest amber ever to be discovered in the World is around 320 million years old. True amber takes thousands of years to form from the resin,

Ancient energy is one of the qualities of amber. With this, it has the wisdom of earth that has been there for thousands of years together with its natural kingdom. When you take a closer look, you will glance at insects that seem to be trapped in the stone, this gives amber magical properties.

Most amber stones have warm colors; sunny brown, yellow, and orange colors. You will also get gems of amber that are red, green, and blue in color. For jewelry purposes, most amber stones are color treated.

Origin of Amber

High-quality amber originates from Northern Europe Baltic countries. In Palanga, Lithuania, you will find a popular museum there. Another credible source of the blue amber gemstone which is very expensive and rare is the Dominican Republic. You can also find amber in Germany, Italy, Russia, and Poland.

Amber’s Healing Properties

Just like any other popular gemstone, amber has an accumulation of mystical properties.

The gem was regarded as the “soul of the tiger” in countries in Asia. It was also considered the stone that grants courage. Amber pieces were used for the treatment of jaundice and to protect someone during long travels.

It is also a belief that amber:

– Attracts good luck

– Balances emotions

– Gets rid of fear

– Eliminates headache

– Gives the mind clarity

– Dissolves energy that is negative

– Assists to develop wisdom and patience

– Baby Teething

The gemstone has been considered to be the birthstone of the Cancer astrological sign.

Wear the gem as jewelry or use it as a home décor to enjoy its amazing benefits.