All We Need Is Some Purple Love

Love Purple by My Elixir Jewelry Co.

When choosing stones that resonate with Love, the possibilities were endless.  I decided to separate the qualifying stones by color and interestingly enough, the purple stones began to show frequencies of the more non romantic love of family or really good friends.

Amethyst heals the heartAMETHYST –  Heals the heart at a spiritual level.




Lilac Amethyst brings loveLILAC AMETHYST – Brings love and light into the environment.




Blue Lace Agate helps accept loveBLUE LACE AGATE – Promotes acceptance of love.






Dumortierite increases self-love  DUMORTIERITE – Increases self-love.

Love Purple by My Elixir Jewelry Co.This is our Love Purple.  It encourages more of a family love, say between sisters, mother and daughter, or elderly couples.  A wonderful customer bought a pair of Love Purple earrings.  I remember her because she was in her 70’s and dressed in all purple including her glasses.  She called me about a year later, asking for another pair of earrings because she had lost one.  She then shyly asked me if these earrings were supposed to bring love.  It seems that for the first time in her life she met a wonderful companion.  I love these stories!