Dreams, A Roadmap to Your Life

Dream enhancing bracelet

Our higher self communicates with us nightly through symbols in our dreams.  The dreams pass through a filer in our sub-conscious which is programmed by our beliefs.  Our sub-conscious is designed to “protect” these beliefs, and therefore, the sensor will jumble or disorganize the dream.  The combination of stones act like a demolition crew and have been chosen to help clear dream communication from the higher self so that one can benefit from its wisdom.

Prehnite helps with nightmares.PREHNITE – This stone alleviates nightmares.





Amethyst for dream recallAMETHYST – Helps you remember and understand your dreams.



Chalcedony dissolves bad dreamsBLUE CHALCEDONY – Helps dissipate bad dreams.




Jade brings insightful dreams.  JADE – Attracts insightful dreams.


Malachite stimulates dreams.MALACHITE – Stimulates dreaming.

LALapis Lazuli enhances dreamingPIS LAZULI – Enhances dream work.




Kyanite helps remember dreamsKYANITE – Promotes healing dreams and helps dream recall.



Dream Work Bracelet from My Elixir Jewelry CoDream Work is a bracelet that has been very helpful to our clients.  Originally designed with nightmares in mind, it is also effective in promoting the dreaming of loved ones who have crossed over.





Intuition, We All Have It

Jewelry tp enhance your intition

Your intuition, the sixth sense.  Some of us are tuned into it, some not so much.  That little voice that tells you not to do something, that feeling in your gut that stops you from turning down a certain street.  The sudden urge to call a loved one, only to find that they were just thinking of you.  These are all examples of how our intuition plays an important role in our lives.  Your inner voice will always lead you to the highest good.  We are not alone in this journey of life and this combination of crystals help you tune into the frequency of the angelic world and spirit guides.

Angel Aura Quarts enhances intuitionANGEL AURA QUARTZ – This magnificent quartz is made by heating a fine layer of platinum at very high heat over top of a quartz crystal.   It’s frequency enhances communication with angels and spirit guides.

Aqua Aura Quartz helps enhance intuitionAQUA AURA QUARTZ – One of my favorite stones is made by heating fine gold dust over quartz.  This stone promotes channeling and assists in deeper spiritual communication.  It also helps protect against psychic attacks.

Celestite enhances intuitionCELESTITE – Helps contact with divine energies and the angelic realms and encourages enlightenment.



KYNITE – Stimulates your intuition and Kyanite helps enhance intuitionenhances psychic abilities.  This is also a good stone that assists in crossing over during death.


Lapis Lazuli helps enhance intuitionLAPIS LAZULI – This beautiful stone recognizes and blocks psychic attack as well as enhances psychic abilities.


Angelite helps enhance intuitionANGELITE – A stone that enhances telepathy and helps conscious contact with the angelic realm.


Amethyst enhances intuition.AMETHYST – Versatile Amethyst enhances psychic gifts and opens the intuition.


Intuitive You Bracelet by MyElixir Jewelry CoThis is our Intuitive You Bracelet.  It is a very powerful piece of jewelry.  An odd thing happened when I recommended this bracelet to a very religious customer. When she brought it home, she was holding it in her hand while reading the card with it’s meanings and it literally exploded in her hand.  She got scared and put it away in a box.  When she told me a while later, I realized that due to the strict religious energy in her home, the vibrations were in conflict with the energy of the bracelet.  Funny, here is a time where I didn’t listen to my intuition when helping her chose the bracelet, which told me she needed a calming piece. Instead, I knew she was very religious and therefore thought she would like to communicate with her guides.


Tune Into Your Personal Power

Personal Power Enhancing Jewelry

Self-confidence, independence, personal strength, self-esteem.  Who of us doesn’t need a boost of this at some time or another?  These stones have been combined to give you just that.  They all have frequencies that help connect you to your own personal power.  I once had a customer who was operating from a very low frequency.  You could just feel it when she walked in.  She had money troubles, out of a job, and boyfriend troubles.  I just gave her a personal power bracelet.  A couple of weeks later, she called me, totally different energy coming from her. She found a new job that paid more, and got rid of the bad boy friend.  She felt great.  I’ve tried various combinations of these stones, but this is the configuration that I found is the most effective.

Yellow Tiger Eye for Personal PowerYELLOW TIGER EYE – This stone helps you take action from a place of reason instead of emotion.


Carnelian enhances self-confidenceCARNELIAN – A power Carnelian will get to the bottom of a situation quickly and help you learn to trust yourself and your perceptions.

– This stone can change Sunstone for Personal Poweryour mood just by looking at it.  It helps increase your sense of self-worth, confidence and your personal strength.


Fire Opal enhances Personal PowerFIRE OPAL – Wow, I love this stone.  It awakens your inner fire and personal power.


HHematite for Personal PowerEMATITE – Removes self limitations which results in a boost in self-esteem and confidence.



RHRhyolite enhances personal powerYOLITE – Helps you accept your true self.



Moss Agate enhances personal powerMOSS AGATE – helps you get along better with others and promotes self-expression and communication.



Citrine for Personal Power

CITRINE – Raises self-esteem and removes self-destructive tendencies.


CLEAR TOPAZ – A little Woo Woo here.  Clear Clear Topaz for Personal PowerTopaz helps you become aware of the karma your thoughts and deeds may have.



Bracelet to enhance your Personal PowerThis is our Personal Power Bracelet, available at our Etsy Shop. Great to wear when you need that extra dose of confidence.